La Costa information on COVID-19

Enjoy your holidays in the heart of the Costa Brava in a natural, spacious, safe and quiet location.

Spread over 26 km2 in the municipality of Pals with a 4 km-long beach, it is located in a municipality with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants and a low population density of less than 100 inhabitants per square kilometre,

Dear guest,

We at La Costa Beach & Golf Resort look forward to seeing you at the launch of the new 2022 season with all our facilities fitted out and adapted to the current situation for hotel establishments for the management of COVID-19, thus allowing you to enjoy yourself and have a break during your holidays.

Our team and its long experience and dedication are our best asset and for this reason, we continue working to offer the best services with the well-being of our clients in mind:

Because your health and that of our team members is key:

  • We continue with our health and safety communication plan in place throughout the Resort and a multidisciplinary health and safety management committee with trained staff who supervise and adapt it to the new requirements of our authorities.
  • External Audited Checks of the measures and hygiene and work protocols of our facilities and staff by an independent qualified professionals and a registered laboratory. Taking samples and daily records with reports available to our guests.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers distributed throughout all access areas to the resort to facilitate hand washing.
  • External medical service at La Costa Resort with the option of your consultation being dealt with via videoconference or in person.


Access to the Resort

  • Knowing that the use of masks is not mandatory according to current regulations of the health authorities, we recommend their use in closed spaces where the distance between people cannot be guaranteed.
  • The Use of Mask if it is obligatory in Hospitals, Pharmacies, and public transport .Make sure everyone travelling with you has at least one!
  • Guests with a prior booking can complete their check-in online to reduce contact and waiting time. In person check-in is also available at reception
  • All items of use, such as magnetic access keys, etc., are kept clean and disinfected at all times.
  • All our spaces and maximum capacities are prepared to enable the mandatory 1.5 metre social distance between non-cohabitants to be kept.
  • Certain services or facilities may have reduced capacity or their activity may be suspended due to regulations or for health hygiene reasons during your stay at the Resort. Please follow our staff’s instructions at all times.
  • Guests staying at La Costa Resort undertake to comply with the protocols, guidelines and measures adopted by our establishment, in terms of preventing infection and follow the rules approved by the health authorities.
  • On our website, as well as via email or at Reception you can ask for the information regarding the COVID-19 regulations and its restrictions to be updated, expanded or clarified at any time (


Exclusive senior and family areas

  • We are well aware that the resort should be for the enjoyment of all our guests and we therefore offer a series of special services for our senior guests, such as preferential booking of areas in the pool, solarium and restaurant.
  • We also have extensive areas in the pool for the families to enjoy, supervised by our team of lifeguards.
  • The La Costa hotel has three floors from the basement to the upper terrace. While we recommend the use of stairs when going from one floor to the other floors, the lifts can also be used. The safety instructions for each lift, including the number of people allowed in the car, are posted and easily visible.
  • Anyone with reduced mobility should state this at the time of booking to facilitate access to the ground floor or rooms with reduced mobility.


 Because our cleaning and disinfection is guaranteed:

  • Rooms: Our staff, with their wealth of experience, has been trained in the new requirements and protocols for cleaning rooms. Rooms are ventilated, cleaned and disinfected daily and any bath towels that are deposited on the floor are changed in order to reduce the environmental footprint. We avoid any crossover between customer and cleaning staff.
  • Communal areas: they continue to be ventilated, cleaned and disinfected daily according to the recommendations of the health authorities.
  • Sun lounger areas as well as the tropical pool and the garden comply with the daily cleaning and disinfection protocol.
  • The pool records and analytics can be found on the information boards.
  • Our cleaning products have been validated to guarantee hygiene and cleaning protocols and are respectful with the environment. 


 Because our passion is gastronomy and good food:

  • Food safety: We wish to continue offering our à la carte cuisine and our Show Cookings in the Resort restaurants, and have therefore adapted our processes and spaces to the new regulations, ensuring safety distances thanks to our spacious surroundings and thus protecting your well-being. Our F&B team complies with all the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) regulations.
  • In outdoor spaces, we continue to maintain the distances between tables on our terrace to maintain social distancing in accordance with current local legislation.
  • We have fitted out new areas for guests to use in the indoor areas to ensure that the safety distances are respected and extended to current legislation. Please observe the stated capacity at all times.
  • We recommend booking a table in advance for each lunch or dinner sitting to prevent waits and to facilitate the service. If you are travelling with your family, please state this in the booking in order to place you together in the dining room.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day at La Costa Resort and we continue offering three different options for serving it for your safety and maximum comfort and enjoyment:

                 1. Served in your bedroom as a Continental breakfast. Check what is available.  
                 2.  Served at a table directly from our kitchen, in a space prepared for this service on the terrace.
                 3.  At the self-service area in buffet and show cooking mode, with all the guarantees by expanding the service points and serving everything in individual portions to minimise contact. Certain products involve an assisted service while in others, to ensure guest convenience we provide individual tongs in the cutlery so that you can select what you feel like. The use of a mask is recommended when accessing the buffet. If you need a mask, request it from our collaborators.

  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser units are available at restaurant entrances for guest use.
  • Our staff have been instructed in order to ensure minimal contact with guests during the service.
  • Our team members for safety and as PPE continue to wear masks and clean their hands frequently throughout the service.
  • All tables, tableware, and menus are sanitised after each use. We have disposable and antibacterial kitchenware.
  • The digital menus are available both on the website and at different points of the Resort in QR format, which can be viewed by scanning them. 


 Work protocol with suppliers

  • All our food and service providers are trained to comply with current regulations and have a work plan in place to guarantee the instructions of the competent authorities.
  • Our external laundry service complies with the regulations ensuring the necessary safeguards of hygiene when work laundry is being washed and ironed.


 Our Staff

  • All of our employees are given a medical check-up and COVID-19 serological test at the start of the season.
  • Our entire staff has on average seven years’ work experience.
  • All our staff receives instructions and training on how to protect themselves from COVID-19 with cleaning and hygiene protocols by external certified companies.
  • Each worker is made aware that they are responsible for only coming to work when they are in full health and taking care of their health outside of work.
    • We ask all staff members to stay home and attend a medical facility if they have any flu symptoms or are not feeling well or have a temperature above 38°C.
    • We have different staff canteens throughout the resort and their shifts are staggered in order to minimise contact and facilitate social distancing among our staff.
    • We monitor and stagger the times that our staff enter and exit to ensure that there are no crowds in the changing room and access areas.


La Costa Park & Relax service:

 You can register online before arriving at our Resort and thus speed up Check-In to access your accommodation as soon as possible, preventing any waiting time. La Costa Beach & Golf Resort is pleased to offer you our ground floor garden-view bedrooms with direct access to the gardens at an extra fee for your convenience. Just pick up the phone if you wish our Food & Beverage team to deliver meal service directly to your room. Check our new room-service and continental breakfast menu on the website or by downloading it via QR code. 


And for those who prefer more privacy, you can avail of our La Costa Villas, with separate entrance and private garden.

We can’t wait to see you in the new 2022 season!

The La Costa team