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Kayaking on the Costa Brava


Kayaking in this area of the Costa Brava can be practiced at sea or in the course of the River Ter.


Excursion to the river Ter

Ter, born in ULLDETER in the Pyrenean region of Alt, near the town of Setcases, to lead the Gola del Ter, between the towns Estartit and Pals. For all his capital there are several excursions to modern kayaks or traditional Canadian canoes. These trips can be combined with hiking, mountain biking and birdwatching.

Excursion to the river Ter

Excursion to the open sea

The Costa Brava is known for its numerous coves and hidden places, ideal for kayaking. Discover how did the famous rowing champion Paul Fidrmuc canoe with his famous 'Don Tonto' in the 50s.

Well from Pals beach as from L'Estartit there day and night kayak trips circumnavigating the natural park of the Medes Islands, Cala Pedrosa and up to the famous Rock Cavern, which as its name suggests in Catalan , is a navigable passage for small boats crossing from one side to the other prominent ledge.

Another alternative coming from the Pals beach, sailing south, and doubling the cab of Begur, through creeks and Aiguafreda Aiguablava, reaching the famous 'Cave of Gispert.'

Enjoy the beach of Pals in Costa Brava