Masia for Luxury Weddings on the Costa Brava | Mas Gelabert · Pals

Platja de Pals (Costa Brava) Spain +34 972 667 740 | Open from March 15th to November 9th 2024

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Luxury weddings in Mas Gelabert

Luxury weddings in Mas Gelabert

A farmhouse with three centuries of history

A farmhouse with 3 centuries of history on the Costa Brava

For your most special celebrations in Costa Brava and just five minutes from the Hotel, we have the Mas Gelabert, an 18th-century farmhouse surrounded ideal for weedings by rice fields and set in an idyllic landscape known as Serres de Pals. This venue has various locations for holding a host of different events, both inside the farmhouse and in the outdoor courtyard. It also offers a large outdoor area for tents, stages, etc., and all the necessary infrastructure for setting them up.

Possibility of exclusive access to the Les Teules discotheque.

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