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The Costa Brava is a place very appreciated by underwater landscapes. The conservation of marine flora and fauna has made this place a favorite for divers. Since Costa Beach & Golf Resort offer several trips underwater, thanks to its privileged location in the center of Pals beach and two nautical bases just 400 meters from the hotel.

Illes Medes

In just ten minutes boat is the natural reserve of the Illes Medes, a small archipelago formed by small islands also for the conservation of flora and fauna is considered one of the most important nature reserves in the Mediterranean. This archipelago is located in the foothills of the Montgrí and benefited by its location near the mouth of the Ter, contains the remains of boats at the bottom of the water, which comes from its origin as a pirate island and a small first prison later.

They offer several trips to several islands like Medallot the Small Meda, the Ferrenelles the Wedge Gros, the small task and Horse Bernat both beginners as visiting caves, all guided by professional experts diving . Among the fauna there are the most precious red coral Corallium rubrum structures, Neptune grass and large groupers up to a meter, the observed expectantly.

Cap de Begur

In South Beach Pals, just a five minute motor, is the imposing Cap de Begur, with the natural reserve of Ses Black, 1,300 meters from the coast, between the beaches of Sa Riera and Aiguafreda. From the pier natural Aiguafreda outputs are the famous chimneys of Begur. An excursion with some difficulty because it requires the use of a compass, as they are located fifteen feet deep. Among the wildlife you can see lobsters, octopus, cuttlefish, conger, moray eels and sometimes even bans of small barracudas.

There is also the possibility of introductory courses in diving and snorkeling trips for families in different bays around.